LOH@100: A $4.2M campaign designed to transform the experience for artists, patrons, and staff


The ambitious campaign will:

  • Celebrate our historic home’s centennial
  • Secure our future with an operating reserve
  • Expand our LOH on Location program

250+ Individual Donors

contribute annually

Thanks to the generous support of the donors listed below* we’ve secured nearly $3.8M in pledges and campaign commitments.

Now, it’s your turn to play a starring role.


Corporate Donors

Bio X Cell

Coldwell Banker Lifestyles

Dutille’s Jewlery Design Studio

Estes & Gallup

EverGreen Capital Partners

Granite Air Center

Jake’s Market & Deli


ReArch Company

The Rowley Agency

Saxon Partners


Corporate Tax Credits

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust

Britton Lumber Company

Claremont Savings Bank

Conneston Construction, Inc.

Domus, LLC

Evans Group, Inc.

Goss Logan Insurance Agency, Inc.

Jake’s Market & Deli

Mascoma Bank

Nathan Wechsler

One Court Street Associates

Omer & Bob’s

Retail Control Systems, Inc.


Institutional Donors

The Barrette Family Fund

The Couch Family Foundation

The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation

Jane’s Trust Foundation

Lebanon Opera House Improvement Corporation

Lebanon Rotary Club

Mascoma Bank Foundation

Mockingbird Foundation

NH Community Development Finance Authority

T-Mobile Hometown Grant

Individual Donors

  • Christopher and Kathy Adams
  • Peter Hoyle Armstrong
  • Terry and Patricia Baxter
  • Martha and Jim Beattie
  • Mark and Teresa Binkley
  • Ruth and Peter Bleyler
  • Guy Patenaude and Cynthia Boehm-Patenaude
  • Barbara Brown
  • Chip and Jennifer Brown
  • Sharon and Matt Brown
  • George and Michelle Caccavaro
  • Nan and John Carroll
  • Nanci and Albert Cirone
  • Kamron and Joe Clifford
  • Paul and Kristen Coats
  • Chad Etting and Heidi Conner
  • Brian Cook
  • Keri and Kinson Craft
  • Tom and Judy Csatari
  • Mike Davidson
  • April Sanborn and Steve Decato
  • Martha Diebold
  • Robert and Ellen Dijkman Dulkes
  • Tommy Reidy and Bill Dunn
  • Bobbi Gross and Phil Dunwoody
  • Dianne and Mark Estes
  • Nick and Kim Estes
  • Isabelle Farmer
  • Matthew Olzmann and Vievee Francis
  • Laura Jean and Olivier Gilloux
  • Karen Gollegly
  • Margaret and Ernest Greene
  • Ann and Rick Greenwald
  • Clark and Happy Griffiths
  • The Roberts Hafner Family
  • Phil and Kate Harrison
  • Nancy Forsythe Harrington and Paul Harrington
  • Patrick Hayes and Ann Hayes
  • Bob and Brenda Haynes
  • Kate and Dave Hewitt
  • Lindsay MacIndoe and Wendy Holding
  • Linda and Ike Jacobs
  • Joe’s Book Club
  • Sara and Star Johnson
  • Kristen Rookey and Jermey Kehoe
  • Kevin and Punam Keller
  • Susan and Mark Krauland
  • Brian and Irene Lally
  • James and Laura Larrick
  • Kathy Kirkland and Steve Leach
  • Mimi and Jason Lichtenstein
  • Dominique and George Lightbody
  • Cathy Schneider and Matthew Locker
  • Grant and Anne MacEwan
  • David Malenka and Ann Munves Malenka
  • Laurie Harding and Peter Mason
  • Mary Ann and Frank Mastro
  • Lisa Matthews
  • Wilkes and Debra McClave
  • Jock and Rose McCullough
  • Peter J. McLaughlin and Jane Kitchel McLaughlin
  • Dan and Kristin McGee
  • Richard and Neely McNulty
  • Rob and Nini Meyer
  • Will Milne
  • Christine Morin
  • Renee Ouellette and Eric Morin
  • Patricia Morse
  • Robert and Shelly Moses
  • Jennifer Moyer
  • Peter and Ellen Mulvihill
  • Cappy and Mark Nunlist
  • Ted Hilles and Jane Osgood
  • Williams and Nelly Palmer
  • Jennifer and Jonathan Paul
  • Terry Spahr and Sara Perine
  • Philip Pierce
  • Allison and Zach Pollard
  • Robert and Sharon Racusin
  • Amanda Rafuse
  • Law Office of Margaret A. Jacobs & Kerry A. Rigas
  • Sylvia Richards
  • Matt and Margaret Rightmire
  • Martha and Dana Robes
  • David and Barbara Roby
  • Rick and Linda Roesch
  • Dan and Lisa Rowell
  • Jay and Colleen Rozzi
  • John and Jill Schiffman
  • Bess and Paul Schmidt
  • Jonathan and Deborah Scott
  • J.B. Sellers
  • Nancie and Mark Severs
  • Lori and Michael Shipulski
  • Michael Skinner
  • Laura and Terry Smith
  • Elizabeth Steele
  • Bayne and Jeanie Stevenson
  • Theresa and Duane Tabor
  • Tracey Tanny
  • Steve Taylor
  • Mary Thibideau
  • Jodi Picoult and Timothy van Leer
  • Cathy and Peter Volanakis
  • Laura Rice and Mike Wagner
  • Ann Gormley and Richard Wallace
  • Jennifer and Stan Williams
  • Bruce and Wendy Williamson
  • *Donor list includes commitments as of April 17, 2024


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